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February 21, 2009

It’s been awhile …

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And where has the time gone? Sorry it’s been quite awhile ‘tween updates but time to blog has been extremely limited, not to say the desire to shout out. So what have we been up to? This, that and the usual.

Workwise, things are winding into normality with the bulk of the training now completed. This does not mean that things are slowing down, pace is still roughly the same. There are manuals to be updated, things to organise with the training that will now occur, systems and processes to set up, trial and update. Not to mention that I still need to learn the ins and the outs of what the whole system can do. We still have two of the contract trainers onboard and in some areas they know significantly more than I do. The good thing is though,  that with the bulk of the training now out of the way, I can attempt to go back to the gym during lunch break. Plus with the time it seems I will be arriving at work in the mornings, I might do a cardio session in the morning, thus focus on weights during lunch.

In other news Agnes has started back at work! Yes … she has had to rejoin the “real” world (not just “mummy’s world”) to help pay the bills. I think in all Agnes had nearly nine months off at half pay which has been wonderful for her and the girls. Agnes is still working where she originally was, but only three days a week – Monday to Wednesday. The separation anxiety of longer than that was not pretty, thus the compromise for three days. Next Monday will be her fourth week back I believe. And thus the juggling act has started for her – working and still looking after our girls and how to fit it all in. So far we seem to be doing ok. A large part of that is due to how readily Caitlin and Emma have settled into daycare. Not many problems and they seem to enjoy it.
Of course with Agnes back at work, we had to deal with the issue of getting into work after dropping the girls at daycare. We eventually resolved this by driving to daycare, then driving to Darra train station and taking the train from there. Then in the afternoon train to Darra, and drive to the daycare and collect the girls. This means it is the first time in quite a long time that Agnes and I are traveling in by train together for work.

Caitlin and Emma. What can I say, they are growing up. Emma is crawling properly occassionally, and commando crawling all the other time as much as she can. She can now sit herself up as well, and is learning to climb up things to sit herself up, or move up from the knees. Also Emma is the louder and more verbal of the two. Some of the daycare people call her “Miss Loudmouth” due to her volume and range of sounds. Currently she is making O sounds and it is quite cute seeing her O her mouth. Caitlin has been sitting up for quite awhile now, but is having difficulty crawling – she mainly crawls backwards. This evening it was great to see the range of movement she has, despite the lack of crawling. While not as vocal as her sister, she makes up for it with her two bottom teeth. It should not be too much longer until she has some top teeth through as well.

Apart from that the girls have been keeping us busy with ensuring they sleep. Neither girl can put herself to sleep on her own anymore. Sometime we are lucky and they will go down easily, other times you have to fight alot or even distract them by taking them for a walk to get them off to sleep. We have not yet resorted to driving in the car, as walking the streets does work.

Apart from work and the girls, my life is starting to get ready to go back to uni. Funny to say that as I work at one university and study at another. With only four subjects left to do, I have to get my butt into gear to get them finished. Only doing one subject this semester to gradually ease my way back into study mode and I picked a relatively easy one – training and development. I’ve also been reading a lot of fiction recently – only have two books left for Thieves’ World, picked up a couple of new authors – Jasper Fforde (hilarious alternate earth and parallel world); James Barclay.

When my brain is more in order I will post a more comprehensive list of workings and daily life and might even include a few pics.

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  1. I love Jasper Fforde!! I can’t believe I haven’t given you one of his books before, I’ve bought about a dozen copies of The Eyre Affair as gifts!

    Comment by Lara — February 21, 2009 @ 10:46 pm

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