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April 26, 2009

The week of hospitals

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Yes it has been awhile since posts, March was a bad month with the girls continually sick, and us continually tired and grumpy because of the sickness. At the end of March, April looked promising and indeed it has been a good month – except for the last week. I drove to the local hospital 6 times within the space of one week – and only one visit a day.

It all started last Sunday when Sunday afternoon Emma started acting up and not being her usual self. So we started temp checks and sure enough she had a fever. Within 30 minutes it was over 39 and the ambulance had been called. When they took her temp, they didnt bother with anything else and said she is coming to hospital with us – a sure sign the temp was over 40, what temp exactly we dont know. So we rushed around to get Agnes ready to go with Emma to the hospital. Poor Caitlin was in her high chair wanting her dinner and getting increasingly tired. Mel was able to come over and look after sleeping Caitlin after I had put her to bed, so that I could go to the hospital and find out what was going on.

The result – a urinery tract infection. Solution – a shot of antibiotics and take her home. So we did, and the next morning she was not much better. So took Caitlin to daycare, dropped me at work, then Agnes continued to the hospital emergency where in the end Emma ended up being admitted. After a long day training, I made it to the hospital, picked up the car and did the evening routine with Caitlin. This time my parents did the duties of looking after Caitlin while she slept. It took awhile to get Emma to sleep as she had had such a stressful day – IV drip with antibiotics stuck in her hand.

Tuesday afternoon I picked Agnes and a much improved Emma from hospital. Only after picking up a disturbed Caitlin from daycare, who was much relieved to see her mama. Tuesday night a normal routine and all slept well. Wednesday was the only day I did not go to the hospital – everyone went to work or daycare and it was a good day.

Thursday we had a scan with Agnes’ gynaecologist to confirm a pregnancy. Pregnancy you say! I never mentioned that Agnes was pregnant.

(Long story short – Easter weekend a home test confirmed Agnes was pregnant, Monday blood test confirmed she was pregnant, follow up scan on Tuesday confirmed one egg sac with an embryo about 6 weeks along).

So Thursday was the follow up scan to see how things were progressing. The news didn’t turn out that well – the egg sac was still there, but nothing was to be seen inside. Dr John called it an anembryonic pregnancy – a “trigger” didnt occur as it was meant to, thus the baby didn’t form properly. So for one week we were able to bask in the glory of falling pregnant naturally (only after the surrealness had worn off, as we had been informed we would never be able to have children naturally).

[And before you mention that you have heard stories of IVF couples who have a child, then fall pregnant naturally, we have heard the same stories. But for us it is still a miracle, and goes to show what can happen over time.]

So in Agnes had to go into day surgery on Friday to have everything removed before a miscarriage could occur naturally. We prefered this option as then Agnes would have the weekend to recover and we would not have to worry about the stress and anxiety of a miscarriage when it decided to come along. However as Agnes had developed a sore throat and blocked ear canal Thursday, she ended up staying Friday night to see off the effects of the drugs and to ensure everything was ok.

So Saturday saw me take both Emma and Caitlin to the hopsital to see mama and bring her home.

Six visits in the space of  seven days – all to the same hospital, and all for different reasons.

Agnes and I are ok with the fact that we lost the baby. We now know we could possibly have children naturally if we wished to, so we shall wait and see and let nature take its course. This way we have more time with our girls before another child comes along. It also probably helps that we have the girls to help mitigate the loss of another child.

So last week of April – bring it on! Emma and Caitlin are high speed crawling, standing on their own, but not yet ready to venture out on their own two feet. Emma has two bottom teeth, Caitlin has top and bottom teeth. There is still a one kilo difference in weight between the girls, and about 4 – 5 cms difference in height. They still have 5 bottle feeds a day, but over the weekend some of their day bottles have not been fully finished.

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