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April 1, 2013

Easter/My Birthday

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We arrived in Holland on Good Friday and spent the day settling in. Saturday was spent in Zaandam, doing some shopping and getting ready for Easter. Sunday was both Easter Sunday and my birthday. Had a great day.

Before I go into Sunday in detail I should relate a hilarious occurrence Saturday night during dinner. As we spent the day in town visting the markets and doing other shopping, the kids did not have a daytime sleep. Lucas in particular needed the sleep as he was finding it difficult walking and being out. Because of this, while eating dinner Lucas started sleep eating – his eyes would be closing, but his mouth was opening, searching for more food. It was quite funny watching him continue eating, but with his eyes closed. In the end he went to bed and thankfully slept through to 7:30 the next morning.

The lack of a day time sleep was in our favour in that Sunday morning the girls woke up after 7am. Lucas had to be woken by Agnes around 7:30 so that he would be awake for breakfast. Was pleasant for the adults to have a sleep in, especially as I was up with Lucas around 4:30 on Saturday morning.

Easter breakfast saw a number of dutch speciality breakfast foods on offer – duiverkate (sweet bread), fruit bread, as well as special meats. There was a spelt croissant for me that we had purchased the day before at a speciality food store on Saturday. Shortly after breakfast the snow started again. We saw a lot of snow on Saturday while in town. I asked Caitlin what she thought of the snow on Sunday, and she replied: “Snow is boring”. Jola (Agnes’ mum) would agree as they have had a lot of lightly falling snow this winter/spring.

Around lunchtime and afterwards a number of friends started turning up for a visit. It was good to catch up with old friends and become acquainted with their young children. Despite the language barrier, Emma, Caitlin and Lucas had fun playing with Rashelle (aged 3.5) and Connor (nearly 3). Mid afternoon Wim and Aislinn took all the kids (5 in total) to an indoor play area (similar to Rowdy Rascals or Lollipops) as a treat. I didnt realised that the treat extended to the adults as this time gave us the opportunity to play a game of Magic the Gathering. The game was unresolved (8 players can take a long time to play one game of Magic) by the time the kids returned. It was time for dinner.

Those reading this who have visited with Agnes’ parents will know of an awesome chinese restaurant literally around the corner from Wim and Jola’s house. The group rugged up and walked the short distance to the Blauw Pauw for a lovely dinner. We got there by 6, but didnt start eating til about 7. This had the impact that Caitlin, Emma and Lucas wanted sleep more than food. Eating the main meal saw Caitlin curled in Wim’s lap asleep. Lucas reenacted his sleep eating performance of the night before. A number of times he actively sought the fork of food, despite his eyes either closed or closing. Emma ended up putting her head on Robert’s (Emma’s uncle) lap.

Agnes and some others took our kids back to the house for a sleep. The rest of us continued our meal and then headed back. The night finished with those without children staying to play another game of magic.

So thanks to Wim’s organisation we had a great day celebrating both Easter and my birthday.


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