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April 4, 2013

Holland and the weather

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We are currently having issues with Agnes’ Flickr account, thus the reason for the continued lack of photos. We have been taking photos and will share them as soon as we can. In this post I will lambast the current Dutch weather.

The Dutch weather in March and April should be about 12 degrees Celsius and about 5 or 6 at night. Currently it is as cold as when Agnes and I got married in January. “They” are blaming it on a High pressure somewhere up north that is causing freezing cold air coming down from the Artic.

It has been between 6 and 10 during the day, but with the wind chill factor it is roughly 0 during the day. Even with winter jackets, the wind blasts through your clothes and hits any exposed skin, aka face, ears and hands. The kids have been complaining of the cold when we go out, which is saying something.

As noted in a previous post we had snow the first couple of days. Most Europeans would laugh at the Dutch snow that has been falling at the moment, but for Aussies who have never seen snow before it has been something to see. The canals have even had a thin layer of ice on them.

To help combat the cold we have had to layer clothes, typically a singlet, short or long sleeve shirt and sweater. This is then covered with a thick winter jacket when going outside. Depending upon whether it is a short trip or not the outfit would also be rounded out with gloves and beanie. Unfortunately Agnes said the gloves I had were too small, so she won’t let me where them. And of course Agnes got herself a scarf/beanie combo shortly before we left.

Hopefully the weather will improve over the next few weeks. We decided against going to the beach because of the stiff wind.

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