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April 5, 2013

Kabouters, canals and colds

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Or as Caitlin would say k k k k k (the sound that each word starts with).
This week we have done a few different things and this post will share some of our experiences.

Shock horror – there are even some pictures in this post!

We decided to take the kids to the forest and perhaps the beach, depending upon the weather. I have mentioned previously that it is cold here, however I havent mentioned that the sky has been clear most days. The days would be considered beautiful with the shining sun, clear skies, but the wind has been the annoying factor. So off to the forest at Castricum we went. Agnes decided to give the kids a treat and take them on a “kabouter” tour, or looking for gnomes. Kabouters are known for their red hats. See ths picture below of all three kids as kabouters.



The tour took us through the forest and the kids learnt more about kabouters and their ways. I should mention at this point that although it is spring at the moment, the trees and plants are still in winter mode – the trees are bare, no leaves at all.





Agnes did an excellent job translating the tour book into English so the kids could understand what they are looking for. By the end of the tour we were all cold and wishing to go inside to warm up. To help with the warming up the kids had their first taste of warm chocolate milk. Caitlin and Emma soon became converts to the joys of warm chocolate milk. Due to the wind it was decided not to take the kids to the beach. We will hopefully wait until later in the holiday for warmer weather before going to the beach.

Mid week saw the family go into Amsterdam. We wanted the kids to take a canal tour as there wouldnt be much more in Amsterdam that they would find interesting. We were lucky in that there was also a carnival on the Dam, in front of the palace. The kids had fun on a merry go round.

The canal tour was nothing new to Agnes or myself as we have done a number over the years. It was interesting to see the kids responses to seeing different things and being on a boat.



Of more interest to the kids was the train ride into Amsterdam. A double decker train was very exciting as we sat upstairs and were able to look down on the people at the station. Being in Amsterdam wasnt as cold as other days – the building stopped most of the wind. We didnt walk a lot, just had some lunch at the museum cafe, somewhere we wanted to go to see the statue of Goliath. Unfortunately the statue is gone – taken by the museum to be displayed. More warm chocolate milk was on offer and this time Lucas had some and also became a convert. (After we got home Wim made the kids some warm chocolate milk, and they have had that a few times now).

It is now the end of the week, also the end of our first week in Holland. All of us, bar Caitlin, have head colds. We have even infected Jola (Agnes’ mum). Next week will be a slow week – Wim will be working. The following week will be busy as we will be staying in a Centrepark and visiting the Efterling and doing other things.

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