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April 10, 2013

Zaanse Schans visit

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We didn’t do a lot over the weekend, in fact I realised yesterday that I didn’t leave the house between Friday and Monday. Too busy being sick to do much. Agnes took the kids to a children’s farm on Friday. So going to the Zaans Schans today was a nice change. is a quick overview for those not familiar with the Zaanse Schans. It’s a very popular tourist attraction as it has a number  of windmills and other things to see and do. So definitely something for the Nutleys to do!

We spent a few good hours looking through the village, tasting different types of cheese, looking at clogs, taking part in a cocoa bean turned into cocoa demonstration, and eventually going into a windmill. At the cheese place, it was fun to listen to the workers argue over whether cheese could be brought into Australia or not. In the end it was decided that yes we could as the cheese is covered in wax and wrapped in plastic. So expect us to be bringing some yummy cheeses back with us. The kids were quite hungry at this point and were quite happy sampling the various cheeses. The only cheese they didn’t try was the green cheese. Lunch was Dutch pancakes (pannenkoek).

We think the kids had a fun time at the Schans and will be going again another time. The next time Agnes will make sure she brings her camera, so there will be better photos available.

Zaanse Schans



Typical tourist things to do






Chocolate making method from the 1800s

grinding the beans


Separating the husk from the bean


grinding the cocoa bean




second grinding on a hot surface


After the second grinding, you add some sugar to the ground cocoa and then you have chocolate from the 1800s. If you like dark chocolate, then you would not mind this.

Inside a windmill





The kids did the climb up and down the ladders quite well. Lucas was a bit scared, but when we said it was like climbing play equipment he did quite well.

The wheel that anchors and moves the mill blades


The view from the Zaanse Schans







So that’s it for now. The weather has turned yucky today, so not much will be reported for the next day or so. But you never know.



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