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April 17, 2013

Short Centerparcs update

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Howdy all,

Just a quickie to say that we are still here and all is fine – internet access at Centreparcs is paid, plus we have been having too much fun to have time to update regularly. It is currently just before 7am on Wednesday and everyone is still asleep, so thought I would take a few minutes to catch you up with things.

We originally planned to go to the Centreparcs Kampervennen on Monday this week, but Agnes thought it would be nice to leave on Friday, so that we could have more time just with us and the kids, plus her parents would have some time to themselves for a few days, after nearly 2 weeks with 5 extra people in their house.

So far we having been chasing elusive rabbits and even more elusive squirrels. I think the kids are getting used to seeing rabbits hopping around now, but need to see more squirrels. We have been doing lots of walking – the park is a car-free area. We have been swimming a couple of times – they have a domed swimming area so that the water is warmer than normal. Great fun has been had by all going down water slides and swimming in the wave pool. Not so fun has been that I hurt part of my right ribcage on the Wild Water area. Thankfully it doesnt look like I have cracked or broken any of the ribs – just bruised. It wasnt pleasant when I went to bed Saturday night and found that I could not sleep on my back properly due to the pain, but thankfully that was only the one night.

Due to the soreness I still havent been running, although this is an ideal area to run in. 

Wim, Jola and Timo are here now – so today will be a fun day where the kids get to show off their swimming skills and just have fun with their grandparents. Tomorrow will be even more fun – the Efterling! We will be sure to give a proper update if possible over the weekend, if not early next week when time allows. This weekend we will be busy at a cosplay event and then Timo’s 60th birthday party at his house Sunday afternoon.

Til next time.


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