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May 20, 2013

Back home and illness

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Howdy all,

I realise that I dropped the ball there at the end of the holidays – time just went quickly and didn’t seem to have the time to update what we had been up to, bar on Facebook. Still intend to update about the biggest playground in Europe and how it won (wore the kids down), the kids’ Dutch birthday party, a day on the beach and the flight back home. Agnes is also meant to talk about the trip to the Amsterdam Zoo (Artis) that I couldn’t go.

Been back in Oz just over a week now, settling in ok and already we have been sick. Agnes picked up some virus and then proceeded to infect all of us. Only Emma was exempt from the illness. Saturday night (coincidently Lucas’ birthday) was not a pleasant night with two kids and an adult throwing up and other things (don’t ask). I am still crook (no work for me today) and hope I am well soon.

In other news I started going back to the gym. Agnes got me a gym membership for my birthday. I had my initial session with a trainer and am meant to be going back next Wednesday night for the second session. My running is improving as well, so happy with that. If all goes well with the diet and exercise – you should be seeing a new and improved Duane running around after the kids ;p.

That’s it for now – just a quick update. Ciao for now.

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