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May 30, 2013

Linnaeushof – the largest playground in Europe

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After taking the kids to the Efterling, one of the other things Agnes wanted to do with the kids is take them to this place called the Lineaushof as it is a huge outdoor playground. So April 28th we loaded the kids up in our car and Wim took Robert and Timo in his car. Jola was still not feeling well so had a day at home in the peace and quiet without the kids.

Wim had printed out instructions on how to get there, but it looks like Google Maps didn’t translate well – we got lost. So we had to pull the TomTom out of the glove box and gave that a whirl. (And yes it got us there). We might have taken a detour, we had fun looking at the scenery and this town with new eco-friendly townhouses. The outside decor was really interesting. Sorry can’t show you as we didn’t take any photos – too busy keeping an eye on where Wim was going. is the link to check out more about the playground. is a direct link to a page to get a layout of the place. There was so much to see! The kids wanted to go everywhere of course, but we were eventually able to get them to settle down and look around and play. The first thing we went on is 30 where you sat in a two person chair and pulled yourself up by rope. As you went up the tower slowly turned. I was with Caitlin and she was so happy to be going up off the ground and able to look down on mama.

The train was a hit and gave us a good idea of different parts of the park and what to see with the kids. Opposite the train station was the traffic village (loose translation). There were a number of push bikes (not normal kids bikes, but hard to explain) that kids could ride around on a road system. There was a fire station and police station. Some of the bikes had the ability for one kid to ride and another to stand behind. Lucas, of course, went to the fire station, while Emma went to be a police lady.

The one thing I liked about the entire  playground was the lack of electronic games, by this I mean motorised play equip, especially ones you have to pay for. There was a push merry go round, an overhead monorail down as the cars from the Flintstones that sat two people and required peddle power, the paddleboats on the water – all required people to man them to make them go. One of the few things that required money was the go karts, which is understandable. There was an indoor play area and there were a number of activities that did not require money. There was also a games arcade, requiring money but not many kids were playing the arcade games. And here is where Caitlin discovered dodge em cars! No money was required for this cars, unlike the ones at carnivals. The cars would run for a certain period of time and then stop, giving kids the opportunity to get out and allow others to ride. Caitlin had a blast driving the cars around, and even had Lucas as her passenger for awhile.

Lunch was from the restaurant, nothing fancy. Afterwards the kids wanted to do different things – so I spent a good hour or so with Lucas going from activity to activity, while Emma and Caitlin spent time with Timo and Om Robert. Agnes caught up with Lucas and I at one point and we had fun together in the traffic village and sand pit. By 3 o’clock we made our way back to the restaurant area and there was Emma in the arms of Opa Wim – she was knackered. Caitlin apparently wasnt much better.

So we made our way home, with the aid of the TomTom and had an easy dinner so the kids could go to bed early and have a well earned rest. We wanted to do the Linnaeushof for the Dutch birthday we wanted to do the following weekend, but it was too expensive – you pay the same price for adults and kids. Definitely something to do with the kids in good weather.



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