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March 31, 2013

Travel from Brisbane to Amsterdam

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Well that was interesting and our stress about thinking how the flights would be with kids was mainly for nothing. No pictures to post at this point, just boring text to read. Read on for more of our adventures to date.


March 3, 2013

Testing, testing … is this thing on?

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Just testing this out to see if all is working. Shall be using the site more with the impending holidays and informing family and friends of the trip and uploading photos.

January 17, 2012

Wow it’s been awhile …

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Like the title says it’s been a long time since posts. Unsure if this will be the start of blogging once more. I just wanted to comment that I approved some old comments and looked at the stats – I still get between 20 and 40 hits a day! And I am not posting anything!

Virtually all of the hits are in regard to my Microsoft Office tips and tricks, especially the MS Project articles. Funny thing is – I don’t train or use MS Project anymore and haven’t touched the program in about 3 years. What do I do now? A bit of mix of things – Aurion training, report writing, business analysis, and showing colleagues how to improve their skills with MS Office, especially OneNote. At the moment I am building an Access database for logging incidents received within the team and updating Consistency Report criteria.

Kids are doing well – Emma and Caitlin are 3.5 and starting pre-Prep this year. Lucas is 19 months old and starting his temper tantrums when he is told no. He is a lot healthier now since he has had his tonsils out, but he will more than likely have asthma due to the bronchilitis bouts he had in the first 12 months.

September 26, 2010

Life with Lucas

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Wow, it has been well over a year since the last post. And a lot has changed in that time – new job, Emma and Caitlin are now 2 and well into the toddler stage, nearly finished up uni, and of course the birth of our son Lucas. How could I possibly forget that? Life couldnt be more different when dealing with 3 kids under the age of 3.


April 26, 2009

The week of hospitals

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Yes it has been awhile since posts, March was a bad month with the girls continually sick, and us continually tired and grumpy because of the sickness. At the end of March, April looked promising and indeed it has been a good month – except for the last week. I drove to the local hospital 6 times within the space of one week – and only one visit a day.


February 21, 2009

It’s been awhile …

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And where has the time gone? Sorry it’s been quite awhile ‘tween updates but time to blog has been extremely limited, not to say the desire to shout out. So what have we been up to? This, that and the usual.

Workwise, things are winding into normality with the bulk of the training now completed. This does not mean that things are slowing down, pace is still roughly the same. There are manuals to be updated, things to organise with the training that will now occur, systems and processes to set up, trial and update. Not to mention that I still need to learn the ins and the outs of what the whole system can do. We still have two of the contract trainers onboard and in some areas they know significantly more than I do. The good thing is though,  that with the bulk of the training now out of the way, I can attempt to go back to the gym during lunch break. Plus with the time it seems I will be arriving at work in the mornings, I might do a cardio session in the morning, thus focus on weights during lunch.


December 28, 2008

End of the Year

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Well … been awhile since I have had a chance to update this blog. Things have been extremely busy over the last month and a bit, both at work and at home. So thought I would take the chance to pop in, say hello (HELLO!) and give a bit of a run down of what’s happened in the last month or so. Also I have been doing some thinking about this blog and I think sometime in the new year it will change – I think I will have two blogs: one for home stuff (how the girls are, etc) and another blog with all the tech stuff. That side of the blog has been more popular with a lot of searches from people needing help with microsoft programs (esp MS Project), and while I haven’t posetd any tips/tricks for awhile, I think I will start that up again, when time permits. Also I have been giving some thought to writing a book on how to use MS Project correctly and efficiently and selling it through the blog. But that is just idle thoughts at the moment as time is severely lacking to accomplish something like that.


October 14, 2008

An update to life

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Been awhile since I have posted here, but to be honest nothing really interesting has been happening. Caitlin and Emma are 3.5 months old and doing gorgeously, its been about four weeks since I started the new job and things are progressively getting busier, and Agnes is still on maternity leave looking after the girls.

We’ve done a few events recently: been to a wedding, went to a 40th, and on the weekend we had a teddy bear’s picnic in the park. Bar the first item (the wedding) we took the girls with us. My parents stayed at our place the night of the wedding til we came home. And it has been the only night so far that the girls have slept the whole night through. At the moment Caitlin and Emma usually wake between 2 and 4 am for a feed, and then wake again between 5:30 and 7. At the 40th we let the girls sleep in a portacot and while their night-time routine was disturbed and Emma didn’t go to sleep til after 8pm, the night wasn’t too bad.


June 9, 2008

The last long weekend before Christmas

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We had a nice long weekend, the last one before Christmas. While I will be having a month off soon, it is always nice to have time off. Saturday was spent at a gamestore attending the D&D Gameday and playing a 4e module; Sunday and Monday were spent helping dad do odd jobs around the house. A more detailed look below.


June 6, 2008

Public transport

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My first week at home since the weeks of travel and as Agnes is home and might need the car, I started to investigate the option of public transport. I had briefly looked a couple of times beforehand, but didn’t look too deeply. Well that had to change – after the twins are born Agnes will always need the car due to the baby seats. So do the public transport thing now and hopefully get used to it when I need it more long-term.

It sucks! Only two days out of the four I took public transport went well. The first day with all buses, and the first day with a train. I am really not looking forward to taking public transport all the time due to its unrealableness (is that such a word?).

Bring on the weekend!

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