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January 27, 2008


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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I like to read. For those who have known me for quite awhile, they will know this is an understatement. When I was young (around the age of 11 or so) I made the conscious choice of reading over toys. Since we have moved into our new home I have taken to re-reading books from my library. Why? Coz I can’t find anything new that I would like to read. Nowadays I stick to one genre of reading – fantasy. When I was younger I used to read sci-fi, drama, war, general, as well as fantasy, but nowadays I enjoy my fantasy books. An there are a lot more fantasy authors nowadays than when I was younger, which makes it difficult to find a good read. If you have never heard or read an author before, how can you trust their writings?


January 16, 2008

Recent readings

I have been doing some reading amongst all the other stuff going on at the moment and I wanted to draw attention to some of the reading that I have been doing, as it is outside the realms of my normal genre of fantasy reading. Since reading a number of productivity/workload management blogs I have wanted to read David Allen’s Book and see what the fuss is about. My immediate boss at work also picked up a couple of books about productivity and the use of Outlook – Michael Linenberger’s Book and Sally McGhee’s Book. So I thought I would give my impressions of the books so I could get it out of my head and clarified (which is one of the things they all mention to do – get it out of your head and written down).


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