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September 22, 2008

Last Day; First Day

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Well the title explains what this post will be about – my last day of my old employer on Friday; and my first day of work with my new employer today. One of the common questions I was asked is would I be taking any time off in between work. My answer is no, finish on Friday, start on Monday. The response to that would be shame, and my response to that was: well that is what I have done with most jobs – finish one day start the next. I should take that as a good thing as it means that people want me. To be honest I dont really need the time off as I just recently had a month off when the girls were born, and in three months will be Christmas/New Years break.


August 27, 2008

I took the plunge and quit my job

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Currently I am in Emerald and have limited internet access, so this post is coming a bit late. On Monday I gave my bosses 4 weeks notice. I thought I would be with this company for quite awhile as I like the work I do. Life circumstances change for us all though, and with new children and caring for them, my priorities have changed and I do not want to do as much travel. Thankfully the new role has no travel at all, pays roughly one third more than I currently receive, has a higher superannuation component and has no travel.

So what will I be doing? Training still, but this role will also have updating e-learning, manuals and quick references guides of the subject matter taught.

Gotta go, shall write another post when time allows – class is about to start as attendees are rocking on up!

June 6, 2008

Public transport

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My first week at home since the weeks of travel and as Agnes is home and might need the car, I started to investigate the option of public transport. I had briefly looked a couple of times beforehand, but didn’t look too deeply. Well that had to change – after the twins are born Agnes will always need the car due to the baby seats. So do the public transport thing now and hopefully get used to it when I need it more long-term.

It sucks! Only two days out of the four I took public transport went well. The first day with all buses, and the first day with a train. I am really not looking forward to taking public transport all the time due to its unrealableness (is that such a word?).

Bring on the weekend!

May 27, 2008

Another drive to Moranbah (this one was different though)

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I meant to write this post on the weekend, but the weekend was busy with Agnes’ baby shower and then my Nana’s 85th birthday. So not a lot of time for this. I wanted to relate a drive I had last week as it was a bit different, at least for me. This week I am away on the eastern seaboard, and thankfully this is my last week away for a couple of months.


February 12, 2008

Do I like rain or do I hate rain?

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I know I keep going on about the rain and how we need it, but when flying, rain can be quite frustrating. If I had had internet connection yesterday I would have edited my post and mentioned the delay I had. Well here I will mention it. After posting yesterday I finished up at the QANTAS Club, looked for my flight and noticed it said Move to Gate. So off I went. By the time I got to the gate it mentioned that the flight was delayed for 20 minutes. By the time we actually took off, it was ONE HOUR after we were meant to leave.

Then more fun when we were descending to Cairns, you can feel that you are descending, and then all of a sudden the airplane jerks up. You see everyone look up wondering what is going on, you know that you are no longer going down and wonder what the hell is going on. After levelling off, the captain spoke and mentioned that they could not see the runway due to the rain. So we circled for a bit, came in from a different way, and we landed no problems. After getting out and collecting luggage, do you think I saw a drop of rain? HELL no! It had rained for 36 hours solid, until I got here. It did not rain the whole time I was in Cairns, til just before I get to the airport and guess what? Currently my flight to Townsville is apparently 30 mins delayed. and I still have over 1 hour before we are meant to fly.

So here I sit in QANTAS Club again, logging onto the free internet, food and booze. First time I have had spirits waiting for a flight. And of course some people know I don’t drink beer or wine, and need the stronger stuff ;p Ah well such is life.
Tomorrow I have nothing to do but stroll around Townsville, checking out what’s different and I might see if a few friends are still around. The problem of course is that most people I know have moved away from Townsville, and those that still might be here I have not had contact with for over 10 years. So I might just kick back and enjoy the sun. Wait a minute … there is no sun at the moment – it is raining! There is actually a monsoonal trough along the north coast of Australia causing all the rain, so hoping it will move south and hit Brissy as well. I spoke to Agnes just before and she mentioned that there was flooding in Townsville, so shall have to wait and see what it is like.

┬áThat’s it from me at the moment. See you on the flip side of the rain!

February 7, 2008

Finally a non-RPG post …. yeaahhh!

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Yes, I have something to write about other than my gaming habits. Its nearly weekend, and am I glad that is the case. It’s been a wet week, and today was the first day without rain, bar a few sprinkles on the way home. Do I mind the rain? Hell no, apparently someone gave me a username of Wizard and Rainmaker of Oz on a forum Agnes and I frequent. And the annoying thing is that usernames can be given by anyone willing to spend the money on it. So bring on the rain! And the rest of this post. ;p


January 26, 2008

A triple backflip with a twist …. and a new car!

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I sometimes find that althought being productive is good and you feel like you have achieved something, it doesn’t always give you time to update the blog that you created to keep people up to date with things. Well its now mid to late Sat evening and this is the first chance I have had since my last update. At the beginning of the week I found my work week slow, but it steadily increased in busyness (didn’t like the spelling of the original word I used) and my afternoons have been puttering around the house. Plus reading as I wanted to have time to sit and read for fun. How does all of this relate to the weird subject of backflips? Read on and you shall discover.


January 17, 2008

Sometimes life is good

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Some days I really love my job. And yes today was one of them. It was the first workshop comducted this year, so off to a flying start. I love my job when I get to help people, and that is what training is all about – helping people learn new things they are not aware of. I don’t like it when software works in mysterious ways that it never has before, and it worked fine 3 weeks beforehand when I did exactly the same thing. Ah well … it happens.

This evening we went out to dinner with a friend to celebrate her 3rd anniversary at her current job – any excuse will do right?

January 7, 2008

The weekend that was and the day that has been

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Haven’t posted since before the weekend as I have been busy. Saturday was spent shopping in the morning, doing yard work and then relaxing. Sunday was gym in the morning, out to Ipswich for a pool sample, then put pool stuff to bring it up to speck, and then it decided to storm. Great storm! Havent seen one like that for quite a while, so was great to see. Just unsure what it would have done to the pool with the additives it needed.

After the storm some friends came around and we played games and had a roast dinner. Great afternoon/evening with good friends, good food and good entertainment (supplied by all of us of course).

Today was the first day back at work and it was different for me – a new desk away from those I had previously officed with, meeting new faces from the Sydney and Melbourne offices as we are having a conference at the moment. So no actual work to do, just sit, listen and participate. Lunch was at one of the restuarants, and I had to leave early as Agmes had an important scan – to check for the likelihood of Downs Syndrome. It was more of an excuse to see the bubs once more and make sure that all was going well. The nice thing though is that they didnt just do the check for Downs Syndrome, at the end we were presented with a brochure-like pamphlet that included print outs of the shots they had taken, PLUS a CD with digital versions of the pictures. Definitely our money’s worth (especially what we paid for it).

So that’s it from me for the moment, getting back into the rhythm of work will be on the agenda for the next two days, plus reading David Allen’s book “How to get things done”, the Australian version of “Getting Things Done”.

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