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May 9, 2008

MS Project Gantt Charts comparisons

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This post is to help explain the uses of the different Gantt Charts to be found in Microsoft Project. A practice file to refer to can be found HERE. Note that the link points to a file that is not a .mpp file. When I attempted to download the uploaded file, all it would do is open the file in the browser. So I didn’t want to take any chances, thus changed the extension of the file to be downloaded. When you download the file, change the .mp_ to .mpp and you will then have a working Microsoft Project file to play with.

The practice file is one I made for a university assignment a few years ago. It is rather simplistic in scope, but the tasks are linked, have resources, and there are costs to the project.


February 12, 2008

Microsoft Project tips and tricks

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Last week I taught my first MS Project workshop for the year and it got me thinking to what is handy to know about Project to make life easier for oneself. I have noticed that the traffic to the blog is more when it is the tips and tricks of the various programs that people are viewing, and funny enough it is from search engines that they are coming. Anyway, here will be detailed some things about Microsoft Project that you may or may not be aware of that make my life (at least) easier when I use the program.


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